Voice-over, Dubbing, Subtitling Services


Adding professional voice-over can generate a massive impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of your website, videos, CDROM, slideshows or multimedia projects.

We can provide a professional voice-over in which our actors/actresses read and record your company’s manifesto, welcome messages, menu/options, slideshow presentations or any other need, in a professional studio and edited to the highest technical quality.

If you desire, we can also then mix the voice recording into any music track that you have licensed from our site, and deliver a complete music/voice mix to you, using CD quality WAV or AIFF files (or mp3, if you prefer). If you purchase both the voice-over and the music from us, there is no additional charge for this mixing/editing service. However, we can also deliver just the voice by itself should that meet your requirements.

Voice-over Services

ExperTrans has the experience and the talent needed to produce high-quality voice products that deliver your message exactly the way that you want.  Outstanding quality, competitive pricing with excellent client service, that’s how we have been satisfying thousands of clients, worldwide.


ExperTrans provides voiceover dubbing services in a variety of foreign languages. This service will assist your company in developing or strengthening your business in international markets by getting your message out there in many different languages. We have the capability to work with most multimedia formats:

Dubbing Services

  • DVD authoring to incorporate the images, text and sound into a multilingual version on a single medium
  • Audio dubbing for films, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, websites etc.
  • Dubbing of automated telephone messages
  • Dubbing for podcast and video podcast programs and recordings
  • Benefits of Foreign Language Voice Dubbing Services:
  • Recordings made using the best native-speaker voices, speaking without an accent which might be considered foreign sounding in your target country.
  • We keep a close eye on the recording session, because you do not always have the time to come to the studio
  • Create a soundtrack for your website
  • At ExperTrans, we have the know-how to meet all your requirements, including advertising, multimedia, telephony and interactive services – and we can do this in any language.


ExperTrans leads the translations industry in providing broadcast quality subtitling and captioning for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVD, web-only videos and webcasts, in over 100 languages and localized markets worldwide. Our clients rely on us for subtitles that are every bit as funny, dramatic, informative and accurate as the original dialogue.

Subtitles for foreign language video, web streams and DVD require subtitling experts in:

Translation – languages translated by fluent language experts

Font selection – matching the subtitle font to the language’s requirements for maximum readability

ExperTrans offers captioning services for all tape formats and technology platforms, supervised by your own expert Project Manager to guarantee on-time delivery that is encoded in-house so you have no security risks. This service is offered in any tape or digital format you need, including High Definition.


ExperTrans is truly a pioneer in the transcription field, one of the first companies to provide digital copy services. Can we record all formats of digital files, as well as ice and standard micro-cassette. We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends in the industry so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

 Expertran – Global Transcription Services

We handle a wide range of audio transcription, including research and academic copy, legal copy, market research duplication, and podcast transcription. We’re one of the few companies which provide support for both document and audio translation. We also offer proofreading, editing, and text copy service. No matter what ExperTrans services you may need, we can ensure that the work will be conducted in a supporting, affordable and accurate fashion.

Expertran Global – Transcription

ExperTrans uses their knowledge of each client’s operation and project requirements to create the ideal solution for your transcription assignments and bring tangible benefits to your company.

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