Website translation

In our digital society, websites have become one of the most popular ways for people to access information as well as to promote the brands of companies. According to the Common Sense advisory survey, 52% of consumers will only buy something from a website in their own language. Therefore, if a website is presented in […]

Staffing Solution Services

Due to the fast pace of globalization, the demand of recruiting employees who can meet very specific requirements has also rapidly increased. Finding experienced staff who not only possess in-depth knowledge but also understand enterprise culture is never easy. To help the clients to focus on their core business as well as to save  time […]

Audio & Video Transcription Services

ExperTrans is truly a pioneer in the transcription field, one of the first companies to provide digital copy services. Can we record all formats of digital files, as well as ice and standard micro-cassette. We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends in the industry so that we can provide you with the […]


ExperTrans leads the translations industry in providing broadcast quality subtitling and captioning for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVD, web-only videos and webcasts, in over 100 languages and localized markets worldwide. Our clients rely on us for subtitles that are every bit as funny, dramatic, informative and accurate as the original dialogue. Captioning – Subtitling Services Subtitles […]


ExperTrans Life Sciences provides voiceover dubbing services in a variety of foreign languages. This service will assist your company in developing or strengthening your business in international markets by getting your message out there in many different languages. We have the capability to work with most multimedia formats: Dubbing Services DVD authoring to incorporate the […]

Voice-over, Dubbing, Subtitling Services

Voice-over Adding professional voice-over can generate a massive impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of your website, videos, CDROM, slideshows or multimedia projects. We can provide a professional voice-over in which our actors/actresses read and record your company’s manifesto, welcome messages, menu/options, slideshow presentations or any other need, in a professional studio and edited […]

Remote and Telephone Interpretation Services

Telephone interpretation is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone with individuals who wish to speak to each other, but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter translates what they say from one language to another, enabling the listeners and speakers to understand each other. Interpretation over the telephone most often takes […]

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

In simultaneous interpretation, the participants wear headphones, an interpreter will listen as the speaker talks, and then interpret the content into the target language immediately. As a result, this type of interpretation requires a high degree of centralized attention; thus, simultaneous interpreters usually work in a team of two or more people. Under normal circumstances, […]

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation can be considered as the most recognizable form of interpretation. Spoken words are translated into the target language as soon as the speaker finishes talking, or in periods of around five minutes. This is where the term consecutive applies, as the two languages are spoken one after the other. When this type of […]

Localization Services

These days, the use of and demand for the Internet and mobile devices are increasing. Now, we can make purchases and sell products or services with just a click. As an entrepreneur, what would you do to attract your online customers? Some say a delightful website? Some say informative content? And some say a user-friendly […]

Interpretation Services

It is said that the translator interprets written text, while the interpreter translates orally. Nonetheless, both interpreting and translation are essential needs in this current era of globalization. Especially if you have small one-on-one business meetings with foreign partners or large-scale international events. Expertrans Global can provide professional interpretation services for your global business needs. […]

Translation Services

  In this era of globalization, language issues have become more important than ever to businesses and corporations. Work related to language, such as translation is an essential component of globalization. With both global resources and local expertise, ExperTrans Global provides the highest standards of translation quality with core values, including ACCURACY, SPEED, and CONFIDENTIALITY. […]