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It is not always easy to choose the right agency for translating the Thai language, which is the official language of Thailand and the mother tongue of more than 60 million Thai people all over the world. But, if quality is your top priority, you should select Expertrans Global as the first choice for Thai translation. It’s guaranteed that we will provide you with standard quality services at unbeatable prices.

100% Thai native translators

What Expertrans Global offers you is Thai translation services by native linguists. Whether you need your document to be translated from Thai to English or vice versa, our translators who speak the Thai language as their mother tongue and hold certified English language skills are competent to satisfy your needs. Moreover, thanks to our regular seminars and training sessions, our Thai translators have always updated themselves with more informative knowledge of the field in which they specialize.

Offerings and more

Our expertise is in Life Sciences. For Thai translation services, we have established a stronghold in the specific fields of mining, dairy, horticulture, processed food and beverages, automotive products, etc., which have become the largest markets for foreign investors in recent years due to the number of Free Trade Agreements of which Thailand is a member, in the region and the world. So far, we have compiled thousands of English – Thai translations for our worldwide partners. What we have received is not only the number of projects but also the trust that they put in our services.

Besides this, as the internet and broadband access grow in Thailand, we offer an array of services related to Thai translation including desktop publishing, website translation and localization, audiovisuals, transcriptions, copywriting, editing and proofreading. We have our own network of experts who help localize the content of your mobile apps and websites into a particular cultural background that matches your demand. So, let Expertrans Global capitalize your opportunities in this newly-industrialized country in Southeast Asia.

Accurate and timely completion

Expertrans Global puts the precise translation as the first and utmost aim. Even though on-time delivery should not be underestimated given the fast-paced business environment, we have never sacrificed the quality for the sake of speedy translation. Our quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 is implemented to make sure that the final translation products will be up to 99% accurate. When in-house and collaborative translators finish their translation tasks, we always have the translation proofread and edited by third-party proofreaders/editors who are also native speakers. This is to ensure the highest quality.

Thai interpretation services

With a network of thousands of linguists all over the world, Expertrans are able to provide Thai translation for various purposes and circumstances such as Simultaneous interpretation for conferences and seminars, consecutive interpretation for meetings, whispering interpretation for business visits, etc.

Unbeatable prices

If the only thing that makes you hesitant is the price, then, we can guarantee that Expertrans Global offers you the best prices compared to other translation companies in the region of Southeast Asia. The extra benefit when you decide to choose Expertrans Global is that we are happy to extend special rates for year-long contracts as well as discounts for large-sized translation projects. You can also choose customized packages in which you can place an order with us to translate a number of words or prepare and manage equipment you may need during the translation, especially for the desktop publishing, website translating and audiovisual translating.

So now, there is no reason for you to be hesitant to contact Expertrans Global because we offer you the best quality Thai translation services with the best prices and timely delivery.

Wherever you are, please call us at (+66) 026240639 or send your request via e-mail to

See the following information for our supported Thai language services:

  • Thai Document Translation
  • Thai Legal Translation
  • Thai Book Translation
  • Thai Website & Software Translation
  • Thai Consecutive Interpretation
  • Thai Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Thai Remote and Telephone Interpretation
  • Thai Translation Services
  • Thai Interpretation Services
  • Thai Voice-over Services
  • Thai Subtitling & Captioning
  • Thai Dubbing Services
  • Thai Transcription Services
  • Thai Staffing Solutions


Many major Life Sciences companies rely on Expertrans Life Sciences to provide an accelerated time-to-market for their products while preserving the high levels of quality needed to meet regulatory requirements. We have gained invaluable experience and expertise while working with some of the giants in the pharmacy/medical field such as Sanofi, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, STADA, APAC Pharma, NSK, and CEREBOS by providing Arabic translation solutions in the following Life Sciences fields:

  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Dentistry
  • Environment and Energy


Our Customer Service staff are available 24 hours a day and are ready to provide you with details about our Thai translation services and many other services:

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