It is said that the translator interprets written text while the interpreter translates orally. But both interpreting and translation are essential needs in the term of globalization. Especially, although you have small one-on-one business meetings or large-scale events, ExperTrans Global could provide professional interpretation service for your global business needs.

With the solution of around the globe located centers, and a strong network of interpreters, project management experts, and thousands of global freelancers, ExperTrans Global ensures the highest standard of interpretation quality with core values including ACCURACY, SPEED, and CONFIDENTIALITY.

Outstanding features of our Interpretation services are:

  • High-quality, reliable interpreting services at unbeatable prices
  • Professional and experienced interpreters
  • Full support of equipment management

There are various types of interpretation and let ExperTrans serve you to overcome the language barriers:

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Remote – Telephone interpretation

Interpretation pricing

For the benefit of customer, ExperTrans provides customized packages for different needs. Pick up your phone to get consultation and quotation from our friendly staff! We guarantee our price is the most competitive in the industry.


Simultaneous (conference/cabin)
Remote – Telephone
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