Technical Translation Services

In this modern era, technical translation is hugely important for most of the companies that produce and sell their products worldwide. Due to the complex and highly specific subject matter involved, technical translation is not an easy task as it is usually intended for a specialized audience and so must be highly understandable. Therefore, using technical translation services from a trustworthy company is necessary.

Given our 12-year track record of success delivering technical translations, it is little wonder that Expertrans Life Sciences is often the first choice for global clients. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification means that you can trust in our quality management systems that are always clear, detailed and professional. At Expertrans Life Sciences, we have not only built a network of 3,000 freelancers who can translate up to 50 language pairs but also make the effort to update our translation process with the newest technologies in order to reduce the cost for our clients and help them save time. Expertrans Life Sciences selects only the most professional translators who have expertise in the relevant field.

Expertrans Life Sciences provides a wide range of technical translation, including:

  • Technical manuals
  • Users guides
  • System requirement documents
  • EU declarations of conformity
  • Safety reports
  • EMC reports
  • Installation instructions
  • Service manuals
  • Tender documents
  • Technical training material and brochures
  • Data sheets

Expertrans Life Sciences is proud to be one of the leading translation companies in numerous technical fields. We are quite capable of providing technical translation services 24/7. Whatever service you need, we can provide it without fail.

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