Pharmaceutical Translation Services

ExperTrans Life Sciences takes pride in providing biopharmaceutical translation services. Biologics is a specialized industry that directly affects human life. Experts who work in this industry need to understand the biologic material they are reading and sharing. Therefore, it is very important to select a trustworthy biopharmaceutical translation company in order to achieve success in the marketplace.

In the biopharmaceutical industry, there are numerous special procedures and regulations that make its content difficult to comprehend without the required expertise. Keep it in mind that ExperTrans Life Sciences employs translators who not only understand the unique language of biologics but also have experience in this field. No matter how difficult your biopharmaceutical content is, our translation team is always ready to translate and localize it. Our machine translation tools are regularly updated in order to build the most recent glossary of scientific terms. At ExperTrans Life Sciences, we always consider the level of accuracy as our first priority. In the final step, all of the translated documents will be reviewed by our highly-qualified language experts who have experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. We guarantee you the fastest translations with the highest quality, saving you both time and money.

ExperTrans Life Sciences offers biopharmaceutical translation services including:

  • Website Content
  • Academic Articles
  • Scientific Books
  • Chemical Safety Signs and Labels
  • Medication Instructions
  • Functional Food Packaging

As the biopharmaceutical industry is very unique, you cannot hire just any translation company. You will need a professional service provider so that your content can be easily understood everywhere that it is being shared. We offer more than 50 language pairs for our translation services in order to help you conquer the global marketplace that you are targeting. In a complex field such as biopharmaceuticals, we do not allow any errors because we understand that even a small mistake in translation can lead to very serious consequences. Choosing the translation services of ExperTrans Life Sciences ensures the accuracy of your documents in a timely manner.

Besides our translation services, we also offer localization solutions and support. ExperTrans Life Sciences will provide you with culturally sensitive and appropriate localization services in order for you to reach your target audience and increase the chances for success wherever your product is being used around the world.



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