Oncology Translation Services

As cancer is one of leading causes of death worldwide, it seems obvious that oncological research has become more important than ever. Only worldwide research will improve our understanding of cancer and thus help us to develop better and more effective treatments. In order to make these researches reach larger target audiences, using a professional oncology localization service is incredibly important.

Within the fast pace of oncological research, working with a professional localization company such as ExperTrans Life Sciences is essential for communication at all levels. ExperTrans Life Sciences has progressed through 12 years of developments with over 130 in-house staff and 3,000 freelancers worldwide. Understanding that oncology is a complicated field, ExperTrans Life Sciences employs professional translators who not only have vast experience but also wide knowledge of oncology in order to provide you with localization services in more than 50 language pairs with the highest level of accuracy.

Our oncology localization services can help you remove language barriers and make your content culturally appropriate for your audience. At ExperTrans Life Sciences, we even take into consideration each culture’s use of color, symbolism and imagery when localizing your documents.

ExperTrans Life Sciences takes pride in being one of the most flexible localization companies. We offer you any type of oncology translation, including:

  • Funding Proposals
  • Regulatory Dossiers
  • Labeling Information
  • Mobile Content
  • Patient Information
  • Research Materials
  • Patent Paperwork
  • Physician Reporting Tools
  • Instructional Videos
  • Hospital Protocols
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Promotional Materials

As the oncology industry requires superior expertise within the field, we guarantee that your documents will be processed under the strict translation process managed by our quality control team with very reasonable rates and in a timely manner.

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