Environment and Energy Translation Services

Today, the Environment and Energy are major concerns in the world because of their huge impacts on society. Environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable development, water conservation, and environmental technology directly affect the biosphere while the wide range of the Energy Industry, including oil production, renewable energy sources, and nuclear power, makes a remarkable contribution to the global economy and human health. It is a fact that the Environmental and Energy issues cannot be resolved with the effort of any one country; cooperation between many parties in the world is needed. Understanding that the language barrier is one of the most challenging aspects of the global collaborative progress, Expertrans Life Sciences offer superior translation services in the Environment and Energy fields.

Having more than 12 years of experience with 3,000 freelancers worldwide and ISO 9001:2015 certification, Expertrans Life Sciences is a professional language provider with translation, interpretation, and voice-over services in more than 50 language pairs. In the Environment and Energy fields, Expertrans understands that these sectors have numerous specialized phrases and terminologies that can cause difficulties for translators. Therefore, we carefully handpick the linguists taking part in the translation projects who have both the highly skilled language ability and a wide knowledge of the Environment and Energy in order to ensure the highest accuracy of your translated documents. Moreover, the Project Management and Quality Control teams of Expertrans Life Sciences always maintain contact with and support our clients during the translation process. Therefore, the qualifications and experience of our staff in the Environment and Energy will provide accurate translations and ensure the effective communication between all involved parties.

Documents that Expertrans Life Sciences translates include:

  • Environmental assessments
  • Contracts
  • Environmental law and legal administration
  • Academic journals
  • Research papers
  • Government initiatives
  • Safety data sheets
  • Tender documentation
  • Technical specs
  • Plant installation guides
  • Training materials
  • Press releases
  • Promotional websites
  • Product technical and operating manuals
  • Strategic assessments
  • Upstream documents (exploration and production)
  • Downstream documents (refining and commercialization)
  • Oil and gas transportation documents
  • Foreign legislation

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