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Expertrans Life Sciences specialize in Dentistry Translation Services

As we all grow older, certain health concerns require our full attention. One of these concerns is the importance of our oral health. We all only get one set of permanent teeth, so it is crucial that we take care of them for our entire lives. Thanks to advances in modern technology, new procedures and devices are being researched and developed all of the time for the global population that wants and needs healthy teeth. In order to help all of the parties who are involved at every stage understand each other and share information effectively, using dentistry translation services from a trustworthy company is essential.

With more than 12 years of success, ExperTrans Life Sciences is proud to be one of the top globalization solution providers specializing in language services in over 50 language pairs. As we have extensive experience in the dental industry, we ensure that your content will be clearly understood by all of those involved and help you to avoid miscommunication at every level.

No matter who your audience is, where they live or what you have to say to them, you can communicate effectively when you choose to use our translation services. Our network of translators includes more than 3,000 freelance experts worldwide. At ExperTrans Life Sciences, we select the translators who not only have strong skills in this field but are also excellent in the target language, so that we can help you to convey important information to your colleagues and patients in the most effective way as well as be able to reach across the cultures that you are working with. Moreover, we are always up to speed on the latest developments within the translation industry in order to produce exact translations of your material in a timely manner.

ExperTrans Life Sciences provides dentistry translation services, including:

  •      Product Manuals and Inserts
  •      Journal Articles
  •      Website Content
  •      Regulatory Approval Packets
  •      Patents
  •      Marketing Materials
  •      Treatment Guidelines
  •      Patient Forms
  •      Insurance Paperwork


Only a leading translation company like ExperTrans Life Sciences can handle your project perfectly. Entrust your dentistry translations to ExperTrans Life Sciences and you will have the opportunity to experience a level of customer support not every translation company can offer.

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