Chemical Translation Services

The Chemical Industry plays an important role in the Life Sciences field, with numerous important inventions and research occurring in this sector. As with any specific sector, the Chemical Industry includes a large amount of difficult terminology. Accurately translating the product ingredients, safety information, and manufacturing process instructions into the target language is great significance because it directly affects our daily lives, especially our health. However, finding specialists or translators who can effectively translate information related to chemicals is a challenging task for any organizations working in the Chemical field. Not only do they need to have in-depth knowledge about chemicals but they must also be excellent linguists. Some experts may convey different applications such as experimental data or medical laboratory research results; however, they are unable to translate all of the documents related to the chemicals that are involved in the process. Therefore, hiring a language provider with extensive expertise in the Chemicals Industry is an intelligent strategy.

Expertrans Life Sciences provides comprehensive and customized language solutions that are cost effective with strict time guarantees in the Life Sciences industry, including Chemicals. With experience of more than 12 years, 3,000 freelancers around the world and more than 50 language pairs, Expertrans Life Sciences helps clients deliver their Chemical documents clearly, accurately, and with high-value information. In specific cases, translations are addressed by teams of professional translators with specialized knowledge who are experienced in management and supervision in the fields of science and chemistry.

Besides this, thanks to the application of international standards in the process, such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, Expertrans Life Sciences offers an unbeatable quality management system to our clients.

Expertrans Life Sciences delivers:  

  • Marketing materials
  • Website localization and translation
  • Product/service descriptions, sheets, and catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Multimedia presentations
  • User and Maintenance Manuals
  • Legislation
  • Internal and external communications
  • Annual financial reports and forecasts
  • Safety materials and Toxicology reports
  • Training literature
  • Software and web applications
  • Newsletters
  • Contracts

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