BIOCAD is Russia’s leading innovative biotechnology company; it combines a world-class research and development center with ultra-modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, as well as preclinical and clinical research infrastructure that is compliant with international standards.

BIOCAD is one of the world’s few full-cycle drug development and manufacturing companies, starting from new molecule discovery and genetic engineering and proceeding to large-scale commercial production and marketing support.

One of BIOCAD’s projects required ExperTrans Global to translate 22,300 words from English to Chinese in March 2017. Prior to that, BIOCAD cooperated with ExperTrans Global on a small project. Understanding that BIOCAD staff are very careful and strict in checking translated documents, ExperTrans Global put forth the effort into delivering the work with the highest accuracy in a timely manner. After seeing the enthusiastic support from the customer service team of ExperTrans Global as well as the quality of the work, BIOCAD decided to continue with ExperTrans Global for a larger project.

BIOCAD feels incredibly satisfied with the final translated documents that we provide and the professional work style of our sales department. Thus, we are both looking forward to more opportunities to cooperate in the future.

Sanofi is a leading comprehensive health care group. Now with more than 110,000 employees  in over 100 countries worldwide, Sanofi has core strengths in the health care field: pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and widespread activity in the traditional market as well as new markets. With more than 50 years in Vietnam, Sanofi has maintained the No. 1 position in the region, being the top company in the categories of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals as well as vaccines.

With the aim of expanding their market share in Vietnam and improving their brand image, Sanofi has cooperated with ExperTrans to translate documents related to the company’s audits, pharmaceuticals and R&D. Sanofi required the English – Vietnamese language pair with a deadline of only three months in HCMC. This was a major project and ExperTrans is proud to be the language solution provider for Sanofi. Even with a short time and a huge workload, ExperTrans still completes all tasks outstandingly, and our clients are totally satisfied with the quality of the work.

STADA Arzneimittel was established in 1895 in Germany, and now STADA AG is listed on the MDAX stock market in Germany and has forty branches in twenty-seven different countries. All of STADA’s pharmaceutical products always comply with the principles of WHO-GMP and Total Quality Management.

M.S.T. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established on January 25, 2000. It was the first private company to be granted the ASEAN Certificates for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in all three production workshops: Oral (Solid), Oral (Liquid), and Topical drug products by the Drug Administration of Vietnam

With the objective of “Towards community healthcare”, STADA Vietnam constantly invests significantly in research and product development, primarily in the areas of modernization of equipment and technology, and training researchers.

In 2016, in order to expand its market share in Vietnam, STADA Vietnam has co-operated with Expertrans Life Sciences on several translation and interpretation projects. The translation content is concerned with documents related to a new drug production line and operating machine instruction manuals in language pairs with Japanese and English.

Despite completing a high volume of work in a short time, the Expertrans team is still able to ensure the swift progress and accurate delivery of products to STADA on time.

We provided translation services for APAC  PHARMACEUTICALS with the language  pairs of Japanese <> Vietnamese and  English <> Vietnamese. The translation  content is related to Factory ISO standards.


We provided translation services for APAC  PHARMACEUTICALS  with  the  language pairs  of English  <>  Vietnamese. The translation content  was about scientific articles:

  • Smith 2014 – Ginseng ginsenosides cognition
  • Santos et al., 2003 Ginkgo and blood flow
  • Konagai, 2013. BEC NIRS study on  cognitive function
  • Scholey et al 2010 Effects of American ginseng panax quinquefolius on neurocognitive function

We provided translation services for GSK  with the language pairs of English <>  Vietnamese. The translation content was  about safety ISO standards in the  pharmaceutical industry.


We provided translation and interpretation  services  for  NSK  Precision  with  the language pairs of Japanese<> Vietnamese  and Vietnamese <> English. The  translation content related to Manufacturing  process instructions, labor safety, technique  and product quality.